Be an HR specialist, executive leader or parent, you face challenges day to day which have no clear solutions. The reason why it has not, is because these situations have never occured before. Technological – and through this societal – changes became so fast, that we need to learn something new every single day. That is why we need to be prepared that change is not a once in a lifetime shift, but a constantly present issue.
It is called today as the VUCA world. VUCA is a buzzword coming from the words Volatile (rapidly changing), Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous.
Economy transformed forever, and became a rapidly changing complex, unpredictable system, where former proven methodologies can not be adapted anymore. New and previously have never tested solutions however can succeed.

Companies and hence workplaces must adapt to this or drop behind and would not meet the requirements of the newly born needs of the always altering VUCA environment.
The permanent change brings upon a strain for people as well. Leaders need to manage differently, collegues have to have different attitude and cooperation.

If change is not managed counsciously and adequately, then…

  • executives and collegues start to feel uncertain, and their satisfaction drops
  • moral deteriorate and great professionals leave
  • changes can not be sustained, and the former maladaptive functioning would come back shortly
  • employees avoid using the latest systems, therefore change can be slower than planned
  • change requires costs exceeding the planned limits


We support our clients comprehensively through change management processes, including multiple focus areas simultanously.

Communication support:

  • Participating in the preparation of key agents
  • Involvement in creating a communication plan (what, to whom, when, in what form, through whom?)
  • Configuring communicational messages
  • Creating communication themes

Key people preservation:

  • Crafting together a strategy to keep key people together

Supporting leaders handling difficult organisational issues:

  • Participation in creating organisational level action plans
  • Coaching and professional support to face upcoming problems
  • Preparing and facilitating ventillational sessions
  • Handling ad-hoc challenges
  • Professional consulting for unforeseen issues, extra resource support if needed


… is a guideline which follows the complete process of change, from preparation measurements to celebrating successes.

Change management’s most important topics and focuses are united with professional content, tools, and actions. Different feedback and control protocolls guarantee the total harmony of the whole process.

We empower initiatives towards accomplishing sustainable change. Our used models are based upon our professional experiences, and infusing international know-how with the best practices.

We serve change management support:

  • to create the organisational change ability
  • to the individual skills for handling change (changemanager, leader, and employee training)
  • with supporting interim change management projects

What results are brought from a process like this?

Change management methodology and toolbox contains all the organisational tools what support individuals adapting to innovation and hence executing change.

Expected results are:

  • Shorter acceptance and adaptational time period
  • More engaged, and more prepared leaders & project managers
  • Lower levels of fluctuation, preserving the key employees
  • More counscious and transparent change communication
  • Growing numbers of bottom-up initiatives, and ideas
  • Successful projects with visible & measurable results
  • Less sensible uncertainty
  • Better motivation and satisfaction from everyone
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