Why do we say that measurement is necessary?

The 0th step of every measurement process – talking about individuals or complete organizations – is the measurement of where we are currently. In what areas change is needed, and when we do invest our resources into development, see what distances we have managed to move from the beginnings.

Measurement is especially recommended if:

  • Executives need information for a higher level decision: for example – how is the carrying capacity, should they implement the new model in one or more steps?
  • If reasons of visible functioning are not clear, too many factors might have an effect on them: if collegues do not feel the organization as theirs, and we want to understand why do they have no meaningful suggestions?
  • If the current situation is understood differently by members of the organization, defining the problem might also be an issue: if the permanent conflicts are caused by bad processes, unclear responsibilites or personal conflicts.
  • If the improvement process wants to rely heavily on the collegues’ opinions: how can worker engagement be raised?

If measurement projects need more than a diagnosis

For us, measurement projects are more than just diagnosises, and the structured presentations of information about the organization. A measurement only satisfies its role if it has a meaningful effect on changing the orgaization, giving a direction and inspiring action.

When diagnosing and measuring, we work in a close collaboration with our clients. Our used (international, or own developed) methodologies are always adapted to the organizational reality, making sure our measurements contain the answers to the most important questions of the organization.

Measurements are complex, sometimes affecting every member of the organizaton. We give projectmanagement support, with dedicated project managers to every measurement. We also help our clients communicate the processes – influential messages, channels, freqency, etc. Throughout our measurements due to our developed systems we are able to take care about sensitive information responsibly.

The result of measureament processes:

The result of our measurement processes is a comprehensive diagnosis, which presents general patterns, tendencies, focal points, trends, and the subjective experience of the members of the organization. We emphasize the most important elements from our experiences, we give professional consultations and suggestions to the further directions. This, by itself is helping informed and succesful decision making abour further developmental steps, but we also facilitate organizational understanding and decision making processes. Besides this, we make sure that members of the organization recieve results in the best form and details, to make sure that they are able to plan actions for change on their own areas.

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