Coaching is a result-oriented, personalized development process. Through coaching, we work with our clients as partners collaborating for a creative and thought-provoking work what inspires and supports them unlocking their personal and professional potential.

Through skill coaching we work with individuals, in private, on the basis of trust. When an organization hires us, the sponsor (one leader or HR group) creates an intention and we help a chosen worker improve in a certain area (e.g. self-confidence, skil training, communication, leadership, fulfilling new positions, and so on) and we move the coachee towards achieving the set goal.

Our coaching invitations usually take place after a training or a bigger organizational development process, when some insufficiency comes to the surface. After improving those the client (coachee) is going to be able to take part effectively (inputs), reaching the organizational/developmental goal.


  • If you want to have personal attention, improving in your most comfortable schedule
  • If behind the communicational problems deeper aspects, personal blocks might appear, and a customized solution could bring the prolonged best result
  • If personalized choice of topics and progress are important
  • If the occuring problems and situations need to be solved on a deeper level: not managing the symptoms is the primary goal, but a long term behavioral and perspective change;
  • The participant needs to deal with complex situations when working, requiring the development of multiple skills, because the core problem might relate to more problems. In this case, a training touching only the core topics would not give enough support, but through personal development there is time and space to manage them.


  • Communication
  • Problem solving
  • Conflict resoution, the reasons of conflicts
  • Group situations
  • Presentation skill development
  • Career choice

The architecture of the coaching process

Coaching sessions usually take 1.5 hours, and positive change is visible after 5-10 sessions. At the sessions topics are brought by the client (coachee) and the coach helps achieving the proclaimed goal by the client, staying on the path, defining meaningful frameworks, and naturally, the coaches job is to use specific situational excercises and homeworks for the client.

  • Goal setting for short and long terms.
  • Examining the current situation of the coacheee, while understanding the hidden drives and personal gains
  • Discovering the motivation spots: finding what factors can empower the execution of change. Finding the „WIFM” (What’s in it for me) attributes.
  • Action planning – processing the highlighted points
  • Following up the particular actions and supporting usage of the skills neccessary for them.
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