Who are we?


We have been providing unique and outstanding quality solutions for organizational and human development since 1994. We align with the goals of our clients, with partnership we work with engagement on the disclosed problems with specialised solutions.

Who are we? 1



We tune in to our clients desires and we bring the most necessery action needed in the present moment to reach maximum productivity.

We measure and understand where are clients are at, and what do they need.

We employ tools and approaches what are serving the explicit goals the best.

We always connect the way we are needed most: we listen, lead, accompany or inspire.

We sense the current situation and respond flexibly. We build a process, but our plans are executed with an agile manner, as we encounter the most recent affairs.

Our projects are solved with the best alignment, resource background with high quality operative support.

Who are we?

We are professionals who develop lasting individual and organizational learning experiences.
We love our craft: we work with a joyous, passionate, and conscienscious manner. We are training ourselves persistently, following the leading hungarian and global trends. We respect the uniqueness and diversity of our clients and collegues, and also their suverenity. We understand and love humour.

  • More, than 30 trainers, coaches and consultants
  • Diverse professional tools
  • From Junior to C-level
  • Widespread experiences from multiple industries

How do we create results?

We empower growth, improvement, fulfilment and reaching success both through the human and the business perspectives.

We create deep learning experiences what are both entertaining and practical.

We understand and support business aspects; our integrated developmental solutions serve business excellence.

Due to our creativity, spontaneity and professionalism, we are able to get the best possible outcomes from every situation we meet.

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