Why is it worth investing in the development of the organizational culture?

Although the added value of organizational culture is not visible in the numbers directly, its effect and business value counts as an evident one in modern leaders mindset (f. e. success of innovation or client oriented, inside-outside symbolising companies).

More and more clients of ours have in mind the need for business and strategy improvement that involves culture change. Under the flag of culture change the goal is to shift mindset, behavior or attitudes throughout the organisation – “If we all would do this way…” (f. e. If we all improved constantly; have adopted client orientated communication; everyone had the business developing perspective, etc.).

We see culture change as a process which starts with creating a targeted culture and ends with adapting measurable behavior to day to day practice. Through our profession we work with specific behavior and everyday practices.

As a result of this process…

Organizational harmony and common language is showing up and shared values strenghten
Daily / weekly practices and behaviours are spreading in operative work environment which are adding value, following a shared direction and supporting the achievement of the set strategy
Organizational performance and competitive edge improves
Leaders’ and individuals’ skills are developing which are needed for the latest way of operation
An organizational culture is being created which is sustainable for the long term and supports business productivity

How do we get results?

We find the best habits, behaviors suited for the organizational goals.

We spread the latest operation in the organization. An example is the constant organizational improvement attitude creation where GROW’s own CSIP (Continuous Service Improvement Process) methodology is used.

We warrant training for the organization and the individuals to operate this away.

We improve skills: we emphasize specific skills which are needed for the most recent practice – for example: communication and problem solution abilities. We do this with traditional elements and blended learning elements creating the complex blended learning journey.

We suit processes and systems. We are aware that organizational efficiency is vastly determined by the structures, systems and processes, so successful change is not possible without suiting these ones.

We measure the efficiency of change. Through are work we are constantly observing the significant indexes which give feedback to the solid results of improvement and added value both on the individual and the organizational level.

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