“In the future higher team performance is needed than the former one.”

Team function improvement always seeks solution for one problem group: “In the future higher team performance is needed than the former one.” This needs better cooperation. Generally, deep reasons are complicated if cooperation is unsatisfying in a team, leaders team, or between divisions of a company. For this reason, we always use a comprehensive methodology to uncover hidden challenges and to find the shared answers from the team.

In our cooperation development processes:

… we follow general professional value: we suit the best fitting personalized solutions for the unique situation.

In order to reach this:

  • We explore the present function patterns
  • We base our goals on the expectations and goals of the executives
  • We react flexibly to the current situation (iterating if needed)
  • We relate to group members as partners

On our cooperation developing programs we use different models with great impact: GROW Continuous Service Improvement Programme and the Lencioni team maturity models.


We are only successful in a project like this if the group is finally able to meet the expectations and team performance improves.

We reach this by attaining multiple milestones:

  • Shared values are formed with clear standards
  • Common, well defined goals are reaching the surface
  • A positive attitude is shown from everyone which is needed to the work/change
  • Clear roles are shaped
  • Strong sense of togetherness and culture is formed
  • Mutual trust is strenghtened towards each other
  • The cooperation is effective both inside the team and outside
  • Active and assertive communication is combined with understanding listening which impacts everybody positively
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