The Lencioni methodology is indexing the productivity of a team through levels of trust, conflict resolving skills, engagement, accountability. Patrick Lencioni’s group model is a preferred theoretical frame throughout the developmment of executive teams.

The model differentiates 5 levels, each is built upon the other.
If any level is absent, the team will not function properly, but if all levels are present teams will be productive.

The model has an attached questionnaire, which has been completed by more than 150.000 participants since 2004. Participants are coming from the most diversed teams (for example also successful executive teams and NFL players participated).

This online test serves as an exceptionally practical tool to develop the team cooperation. The theoretical basis behind the questionnaire is the Lencioni’s “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team” model. Each participant gets feedback with the test about the team’s success in terms of trust, conflict, engagement, accountability and productivity.

This online test has been benchmarked on a sample of close to 200 000 leaders to serve as a mirror to the most diversed teams.

How do we build the model into our processes?

Our recommended program is using the model as a reflexional surface. The model serves as a guideline to the participants to be able to examine their functioning on a focused and controlled manner, as well as their expectations for their future.

In Lencioni’s model ideal team members own three essential skills that enables them to be ideal team players: humility, enthusiasm, and great knowledge of people. We provide improvement methods for these as well.

What value does the questionnaire bring?

  • Detailed report, where we discoer the results through the presentation of the model.
  • Visual report where team strenghts and challenges become visible with simple colour codes.
  • Special tips and tricks to improve the team by education about the focus points.
  • Detailed presentation to the main leader on how to understand and implement the results of the report.
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