Continuous Service Improvement Process is building itself into everyday work environment, and making organizational self development a part of the culture.
Its goal is to energize the organization and create action and momentum to authorize collegues and producing visible and consistent results.

This improvement mechanism is based upon the lean method. Simple and widely usable tools warrant that fellow workers make improvement of their processes, services and systems a part of their day to day life.


The essence of the methdology is that small teams have weekly one hour meetings where they work towards reaching the previously set goals. The process is cyclical, and that means if one project is completed the meetings does not stop but continues with the next tasks. This is a weekly one hour worktime dedicated to strenghtening the axes instead of only cutting wood. This job is facilitated by a chosen inner CSIP-Champion, who receives an outstanding theoretical and methodological preparation from GROW. To make sure the learning and adaptation is sustainable, the process is supported by GROW’s proven award winning methodology.



It energizes the organization twofold:

  1. Results bring real improvement in work: : making it less stressful and more fluent.
  2. Collegues experience that they have the ability to create in teams and authorized by the leaders to executing the changes
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