Our targeted inquiries uncover information in special organizational situations, and give risk assessment analysises to our contractors.
Our team of consultants are ready to create methodologies which are valid to the most amount of individual needs. Here are some types of targeted inquiries which have been used by our clients:


In high risk, and high responsibility areas (f.e. aireal control) a change or introduction of a new technology does not only involve functioning in a new environment, and change management, but it is also important to assess the risk factors and possible mistake options in human factors. In the complete, targeted human factor analysis uncovers where attention is needed and how to manage the upcoming risks.


An office move is a huge change which brings upon countless difficulties. When moving the risk is present that a part of the workers might not adapt to the new center with their lives and leave the oganization or her/his satisfaction drops. Our developed office move methodology gives an opportunity for management to choose the new center in a way that meets the needs of their workforce. This inquiry can be ordered on multiple levels, from analysing basic information – and choice of the most suitable location – until doing change management consultancy.


Our surveys show the ability of the organizational functioning and collegues individual status for a bigger change or a series of changes, discovering how is the organization is able to adapt change in current stage, and what are the areas (development, structure, communication), where targeted intervention would support collegues adapting changes in a more positive and active manner.


Psychosocial risk assessment examines the actual state of the psychological fitness of collegues and shows what factors implies the biggest risk factors through their jobs:

  • Identifying stressors:: lack of improvement or renewal, conflicts, lack of leader or collegue support, physical and psychological burdens, misfit between work-life areas, misperception of knowledge levels, etc.
  • Current psychosocial fitness of collegues: presence of stress symptoms (insomnia, anxiety, etc), psychosomatic illnesses.
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