1 or 2 days
Target group
Leaders, collauges

RESILENCE means that we are capable adapt to ever-changing expectations and continuous standby need to being optimistic and healthy. We have some energy sources that we can use to force ourselves and avoid stress.

This ability is not born with us, is formed by the manner we live in our environment, shape our lifestyle and
perceptions of our life. During the training we show what resources nourish psychological resilience, everyone can assess where their own strengths are and where to replace the reserves and we show how to strengthen the psychological resilience.



The topics of the program:

Resilience – HEAD

  • GRM – interpretation of the model
  • Personalized, achievable goals, personal action planning
  • Cognitive coping techniques

Resilience – BODY

  • Physical activity, relaxation, stress management techniques, “silence” program

Resilience – SOUL

  • Imagination, recall and record personal resources


As a result of the program, participants:

  • get acquainted with GROW Resilience Model (GRM)
  • get a picture of their own resilience “level” about their condition
  • discover hidden internal resources and acquire techniques to strengthen their endurance
  • experience the unity of HEAD, BODY, and SOUL and make personal directions to create their own harmony
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