1 or 2 days
Target group
Leaders, collauges

In our daily operations, we have to make lots of important and less important decisions, so if we are more aware of our decision-making processes, we can become much more effective.

During the training we help participants to know their own general decision-making process and connect their newly acquired knowledge to practical examples of effective problem solving.


Problémamegoldás és döntéshozatal

The topics of the program:

  • Decision-making styles: my style and its consequences
  • Heuristics and distortions in everyday decisions
  • Making decisions in practice: avoiding decision mistakes
  • Making good decisions: factors and methods
  • Methods and tools for decision making: from decision matrices to fish charts and beyond
  • Six thinking hat: six decision-making perspectives
  • Individual and group decision-making
  • Creativity and constraints in decision making


As a result of the program, participants:

  • can deliberately choose to apply different styles
  • gain insight into the everyday challenges of decision-making and related misconceptions
  • understand simple methods and techniques to increase decision-making and problem-solving efficiency in practice
  • can develop practical skills that help the decision making process easier
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