2 days
Target group
Leaders (senior leaders)

Stimulating emotions, leadership development training based on the real story of Ernest Shachleton’s (1914-16) rescue expedition, with a result of acquiring simultaneous, multi-managerial skills through experience-based, experiential learning.

Participants learn what they and their team have to do in difficult situations to be successful and motivated to reach their purposes. Our training offers solutions and tools to help maintain our team’s commitment, perseverance, and motivation for performance in extreme situations.


Történetalapú vezetés


The topics of the program:

  • The emotionally intelligent leader
  • Leadership styles
  • Teamwork
  • Management toolkit in: change management, cooperation development, communication, conflict resolution, motivation


As a result of the program, participants:

  • Vleadership is being stronger
  • will be able to identify roles within the team
  • recognize the role of teamwork in achieving results
  • Jhandle difficulties and failures better
  • use a more conscious role in their leadership, using the tool of motivation and assertive communication
  • they are more confident and conscious in a conflict situation
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