2 days
Target group

The essence of this method is to look at the processes, situations and opportunities positively. Get the best out of the people, because it helps us to find the our best skills and to make them aware.

It says that the reality is what we focus on. It will be true what we are formulating and there is a solution what we pay attention. If we are formulating problems and focusing on them, we will also create them. Words shape our reality. Positive words promote interest in strengths, which is becoming a philosophy of life for those who work in this spirit.


Megbecsülés alapú vezetés

The topics of the program:

  • The importance of appreciation
  • Self-esteem, positive attitude
  • Employee commitment
  • Deep Dive in „Appreciative Leadership” world
  • 5 strategy for Appreciative Leadership


As a result of the program, participants:

  • recognizing values and strengthening attitudes
  • practicing values and driving motivation
  • practicing appreciative communication and relations
  • acquire cues and translate recognitions into leadership work
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