1 or 2 days
Target group

Motivation is nothing but a driving force that gives us the ability to live our lives with joy and energy: we can sustain daily routine and challenges, likes to work and relax.

This is the driving force that we search and find during the program. Motivational theories provide a
practical tool for leaders, which allows consciously motivate themselves and build their team.


Csapatépítő, motiváló vezető

The topics of the program:

  • Internal and external motivation – what’s the difference
  • Test – Personal motivation
  • The role of recognition in life
  • Motivating others
  • TConscious team leadership: team roles, team development phases
  • Roles and responsibilities

As a result of the program, participants:

  • identify the stages of team development and they will be able to identify and effectively manage each phase
  • get to know and use the motivation toolkit
  • will be able to motivate themselves and their team effectively
  • will be able to consciously handle roles that appear in teams
  • leadership awareness is growing
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