1 or 2 days
Target group
Leaders, collauges

How does the creativity of our mind and the flexibility of our thinking work and how can we maintain our condition? What kind of individual and organizational factors damage or prevent our creativity? What makes a team creative? How can we interact effectively together without the loss of creativity?

Hatásgyakorlás mesterfokon

The topics of the program:

  • The concept of ‘applied creativity’
  • Knowledge of individual, group and organizational conditions of creativity
  • Cross-functional creativity
  • Individual creativity development techniques
  • Idea generation techniques
  • Mind-mapping technique
  • Creativity-enhancing techniques (soft methods, hard methods)
  • Creativity from a group role
  • Manage creativity and manage creative processes
  • ‚Brain’ games


As a result of the program, participants:

  • discover and apply their childhood skills again
  • acquire the schema-free thinking method
  • learn practical tools and procedures to solve specific workplace problems and increase personal and group efficiency
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