Sanjay Gupta 2

Sanjay Gupta

CEO, CxO Consultant, Inspirational Speaker

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Viktor Lénárt

Chairman, managing partner

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Orsolya Lőrincz

Orsolya Lőrincz

Head of Consulting Division

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Beáta Máté 2

Beáta Máté

Head of Learning Division

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Péter Generál 1

Péter Generál

Partner, PCC, Executive Coach

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Laura Laposa 1

Laura Laposa

senior trainer, consultant, team coach

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Ördög László 1

László Ördög

Senior Consultant, Trainer

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Katalin Pataki 1

Katalin Pataki

Senior Trainer, Consultant, Coach

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Judit Molnár

senior consultant, trainer, coach

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Bernát Kézdi-Kovács 3

Bernát Kézdi-Kovács

senior trainer, team coach

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Péter Nikitscher 2

Péter Nikitscher

Trainer, Consultant, Coach

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Orsolya Tarczali 2

Orsolya Tarczali

Consultant, Coach, Mediator

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Márió Dányi-Nagy

trainer, coach

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Veronika Szabó 1

Veronika Szabó

Consultant, Trainer

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József Vrabecz 2

József Vrabecz

Head of Learning Center, Trainer, Coach

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Orsolya Sándor 1

Orsolya Sándor

Head of Learning Center, Consultant, ACC coach, Trainer

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Pintér Zoltán 1

Zoltán Pintér

Head of Train the Trainer program

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Éva Németh 4

Éva Németh

Head of Coaching School

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Blanka Kőrös 1

Blanka Kőrös

consultant, trainer

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Anna Rozsnyay

L&D project manager, trainer

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Renáta Pelyvás

junior consultant

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Barbara Meretei

consultant, trainer, coach

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