Veronika Szabó 1

Veronika Szabó

Consultant, Trainer

Why do you love woring at GROW?

Living a life of creativity and freedom is really important to me. To achieve this, security giving boundaries are necessary. GROW gives this to me. Solid values which truly affect workdays, exceptional professionals, inspiring community, exciting and diverse project and an opportunity to improve constantly.

Professional experience

  • Consultant (GROW Group)
  • 5 years of corporate HR experience, mostly in talent management, education – development, and performance benchmarking
  • 2 years of consulting experience
  • 5 years of pedagogy experience


English-hungarian teacher, HR consultant (MA), Organizational development consultant (GROW)

Other skills and experiences

Nonviolent communication, team building, outdoor trainings

Fields of expertise

  • Organizational diagnostics
  • Engagement development
  • HR processes
  • Talent management
  • Perfornance evaluation
  • Career management

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