Pintér Zoltán 1

Zoltán Pintér

Head of Train the Trainer program

An issue from your profession that you have deep interest in:

There are many people who want to change, improve, develop or just get up from the floor. Why is it that some succeed and others do not? Why is that the efforts for change is crowned with success with some, while others keep getting stuck? Where is the ability to change in us? How can we develop this capability? These are questions that are exceedingly interesting for me as much on a philosophical level as on a day-to-day basis, when I am working as a trainer, coach or therapist.

Professional experiences

  • Trainer, Gestalt-therapist, coach since 2004 at GROW Group
  • Founder and lead trainer of train the trainer program at GROW Group since 2008
  • Co-founder and lead trainer of LifeLearning, 2013
  • Publication: Vetkőző lelkek, Expert books, 2016
  • GROW Group training manager 2012-2013


Teacher, Economist, Gestalt therapist

Fields of training and consulting

  • Leadership development
  • Train the Trainer
  • Communication skills
  • Personal effectiveness development
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Conflict resolution
  • Service quality and customer care
  • Stress management
  • Complaint management
  • Team building and cooperation programs
  • Negotiation skills development


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