… we have countless corporate references in this area. Our professional authority consultants have a vast significant amounts of experience in both skill development and process creation.

Whe have been rookies in forming mentor systems in Hungary (MOL Rt., K&H Bank) and our professional experience guarantees the success of our mentor programs

We handle this as a whole process

We see talent programmes as whole processes, and we give special attention to how the program fits best other functions of the organization.
Our partners are supported in creating their talent management strategy, planning the details and stages of the process.

We paste measurement and feedback opportunities to the process. We empower the involvement of the leadership and communication. Elements of programmes are suited for the competencies, needs and expectations of the participants. Besides the planning, we provide quality support also in choosing the right participants, skill and leadership training included in the process.


When planning the talent programs we are precise to use comprehensive methodologies and support improvement with blended learning elements. We create possibilities to learn by an on-the-job manner and also to learn from the collegues. We keep in mind to form a community from participants and execution to happen in harmony with the organizational culture and strategy.

Preparing mentors

We are happy to take part in the creation of mentor programmes in our talent programs or individually.
We prepare mentors to their roles, and give them constant support and supervision on our mentor clubs.
We also think about the principles and behaviors to make the mentor-mentee relationship efficient and clear, educating both parties to create a mutually benefitial collaboration.

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