1. Absence of clear vision and strategy
  2. The organization is not able to execute the strategy
  3. Strategy is misguiding

It is not an accident why leaders of successful organizations take it seriously to create a precise strategy. A great strategy is much more than some well sounding phrase or direction – a great strategy comes from the DNA of the organization, recognizing the strenghts, opportunities and flexibility hidden inside the organization.

According to our approach, the HOW of manifesting the business vision is defined by organizational strategy and vision, which is made by the executives, furthermore to get the “buy-in” – having the acceptance, understanding, and engagement – we highly recommend the involvement of the middle management.


  • It gives a direction – makes the general direction clear of the desired process, giving back the meaning hundreds and thousands of detailed deceisions simply
  • It motivates – It inspires people to work towards the good, even though the first steps might be painfully hard.
  • It coordinates – It helps to coordinate different actions quickly and productively, even if it involves thousands of people

The process and goals of organisational vision and strategy

Vision creation is started by analysing the present situation, including the business position, strategy, and organizational features. Knowing these informations we start to work with the executives on forming a positive, holistic, detailed and widely accepted long term vision which includes the wished organizational culture and leadership culture. It is important that the vision should be attractive for the leaders and employees and shift their attitude through this, from “what does not work, what do we not want” to “where we are heading” perspective.

When creating a vision and strategy we strive to shape a common standpoint in leaders, to engage in it, and become trustworthy in terms of the execution of the vision, creating a detailed action plan to the whole organization.

It is an important goal also to support our client in building a strong, solid, effective and homogeneous management team, where leaders understand and trust each other. Our goal is that leaders would understand and know each other better, and recognise that their differences



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