Why are individual comepetency tests inportant?

By having an accurate understanding of competencies, we can have significant developments, reliable information can serve the basis to leaders decisions on human resources.

How do these tests work?

Individual competency testing is usually made with two methodologies. One is the 360 degree competency testing, the other is Assessment Center and Development Center methodology. With every methodologies we strive to look with a perspective of growth, not just measuring the level of competencies, but participants may recieve meaningful and valuable viewpoints to their improvement.


In 360 degrees inquiry workers assess their collegues’ behavior with online surveys. Questionnaires are completed by employees, similar level working collegues, and by leaders, to have a 360 degree perspective from participants. Different feedback groups (employees, leaders) have their values summed up and compared and given to have a detailed picture about the measured worker.


Through AC-DC process participants are tested in different situations, where levels of their competencies are measured by their real behaviour and the potential they posess. This methodology is always personalized to the needs and organizational culture.

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