Dimensions of culture and corporate productivity

GROW provides support readily to organizational culture development endavours by using Denison culture model and its measurement tools.

This model is composed by Daniel Denison and his collegues based on more than 25 years of research. This model contains all the culture dimensions which showed the greatest correlation with business productivity. Denison culture model features the organization’s culture by 12 dimensions, which are also a part of 4 bigger factors.

Denison culture measurement is an online or paper based anonym questionnaire, where collegues are cosidering statements about all the 12 dimesions of the model.

After the questionnaire we compare the results with Denison’s international benchmarks. In the reports we present the results by the compared position in percentiles. Accordingly, every single statement and the whole dimension structure is showing how does our company perform compared to other companies. The benchmark contains a thousand companies from multiple industries, sizes, and countries, with 500 000 answered questionnaires. The database is also updated in every 2 years to maintain recency.



Denison inquiry is examining the 12 diensions of the organizational culture, which define business performance the most.


Why Denison?

  • It speaks the language of business: it is not measuring the psychodynamics of the organisation but examines specific behaviors that can be seen in the everyday life of the organizational functioning, and those what infuence business productivity and performance directly.
  • Benchmarks measured give objective economical feedback about the human functioning of the organization
  • It is easy to put into action: measured dimensions are not difficult to understand, obvious, actionable and accountable actions can be implemented to improve the elements of culture.
  • Creates a shared langauge in the organization: keywords used in the model has a recognizable meaning for everyone, uncovering specific behaviors, and collegues will use them intuitively, thinking and talking about their own culture.

In what cases is it worth using Denison’s measurement?

    • If we start to do a comprehensive organizational development program, and we would like to start planning the actions by a precise, situational measurement.
    • If we would like to ask feedback from every one and see the stage of our organizational culture.
    • If we want to see what dimensions do we need to improve compared to other companies to have a positive impact on both culture and business.
    • If we would like to be prepared to an acqusition or the human aspects of merging, risks, or after a company fusion we want to improve certain areas strategically.

If we want to uncover how different parts of our organizations relate to each other in terms of strenght and weaknesses.

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