ICF and EMCC accredited, integrative coach training. One training course with double international accreditation for participants!

Two-level coach training – from the basics to the international exam with senior coach trainers

We offer the Integrative Coach Training at 2 levels, a foundation level for those new to coaching and personal development, and an advanced level for those already familiar with the subject, practicing coaches. Our successful program, which has been running since 2012, provides real, practical knowledge based on international standards in an experiential training process.

International accreditation with both international coaching organisations after the training! – ICF and EMCC accredited training!

The advanced level of our program is – uniquely among the adult education institutions (i.e. extracurricular training) – accredited by two international coaching organisations, both EMCC and ICF.

What does this mean in practice?

Both the basic and advanced levels are completed with an exam. After successfully passing the exam at GROW, the participant is also eligible to apply for the international exam at the EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council) at Fondation or Practitioner level, which will be a simplified, administrative exam due to the international accreditation of the training.

The Advanced Level of the Integrative Coach Training is also accredited by the ICF (International Coach Federation) at the ACTP level (Accredited Coach Training Programs), which means that after successfully passing the Advanced Level exam and having reached the required number of coaching hours for accreditation, participants can apply for accreditation by the ICF to obtain the PCC qualification and start the exam process.

Focus on self-awareness development – without it there is no credible human development

We believe that self-awareness and commitment to our own development are essential for human development. If the coach is not OK with themselves, if they do not see their own personality and their own stumbling blocks and games, they will not be able to develop others effectively and authentically.

This is the conviction that led us to develop our Integrative Coach training: throughout the training, participants learn and experience coaching approaches and coaching tools through their own experiences. Thus, while developing their own personality, they gradually acquire coaching attitudes and skills.

GROW Integrative Coach Training

1. Integrative coach training – Foundation level

The Foundation Training includes:

  • 5 training days, which include 2×3 hours of small group exercises facilitated by a mentor coach, where feedback is given to practice the coaching process.
  • 4×3 hours of small group practice at individually arranged times, of which 3 hours of sessions will include mentorcoach support
  • 6 hours of individual coaching practice.

For applicants for basic training, we also look at self-awareness experience. For those who have not yet participated in individual therapy/coaching, we also propose 5 hours of individual coaching as a personal experience at the same time as completing the training.

At the Foundation level of the coach training, participants will learn:

  • basic coaching approaches and skills (questioning, feedback, empathy)
  • the process, steps and critical points of psychological contracting
  • the GROW model, which allows them to have coaching conversations. They will be given the necessary theoretical background, types of questions and lots of opportunities to practice.

As a result of the Foundational Training:

During the almost 50 hours of training of the basic training, participants will be introduced to the basic approach of coaching and the basic skills that will enable them to have developmental conversations along a coaching model (GROW model).

2. Integrative coach training – Advanced level (Practitioner)

How long does it take and what is included in the Advanced level of the Integrative Coach training? –
11 days of training (full day events),
– 1 day of supervision,
– 26 hours of individual work (study group meetings and other individual work – individually arranged)

At the Advanced level of the coach training, participants will learn:

  • Theoretical background and practice of 6 different coaching methodologies in the application of each model The coaching approaches
    that can be learned during the training are coaching models, Transactional analysis, NLP, Gestalt, PCM, Solution Focus

The advanced training will result in participants:

  • be able to independently manage coaching processes and deal effectively with the most common coaching challenges
  • gain practical skills in the use of several coaching approaches and tools
  • receive support to formulate and develop their own coaching model.

Who can join the Basic and Advanced levels of the coach training?

The basic training is open to all interested parties. A short essay is expected from the interested person to give an idea of his/her motivation, self-awareness and goals for the training. However, only coaches who have already completed the basic training or have at least equivalent experience are welcome to attend the
advanced coach training.)

Why choose GROW’s Integrative Coach Training?

  • Senior coach-trainers – effective knowledge transfer: When you start to learn a new profession, it is important to know which trainers and professionals are transferring the knowledge, how much knowledge they have in the profession and how much experience they have in transferring knowledge effectively. The trainers of the Integrative Coach Training are, in addition to being experienced coaches, people with a mature personality, who have worked for many years on self-awareness and who have thousands of hours of training experience, and who are able to transfer knowledge to an international standard.
  • We provide experiential, practical and deep knowledge: We don’t offer a crash course, we offer in-depth learning of a new profession, all embedded in an experiential training process for personal development
  • You can really focus your learning time on developing your practical coaching skills. Theoretical background material and models will be provided, but you will also learn these through your own experience and practice.
  • Not only will you hear/read about how to coach or apply a new coaching model, but you will also take on the role of coach yourself in each training session and immediately apply what you have learned in the safe environment of training with feedback from professional mentor coaches.
  • In addition to the training sessions, you will be able to practice in small groups of 3 people, where you can continuously develop in coach-client-feedback roles, get feedback and, very importantly, gain first-hand experience from the client side. In addition, you will also practice in coaching conversations with individual clients in “live” settings.
  • Both levels of training include supervision, where you can bring in and work on your coaching difficulties, and we also give you the opportunity to participate in further supervision sessions after the training
  • The classroom training days are complemented by GROW’s online blended learning training support system (THOD), where you will receive extra knowledge materials, articles, videos, test your coaching skills in different exercises and see training and exam information at the same time.
  • After the advanced training, we provide coaching internships at BKK and Konnekt Association.
  • Support after your training: we support our graduates after their training in our Alumni community, where you can develop your skills every six months with free knowledge transfer events.
  • We provide a certificate recognised in the market and international examination: all companies offering coach training are entitled to issue a Certificate at the end of their training. The value of this certificate is determined by the company where the training was conducted and by the organisations that have validated (accredited) the program. The Integrative Coach training has been accredited by the European Mentoring and Coaching Association, which is both a guarantee of the professional quality of the training and an international examination certificate.
  • We are flexible in our cooperation: we are easy to reach if you have a question or need advice. We offer payment by instalments for advanced training.

Why does GROW’s Integrative Coach Training take almost a year?

Personal development and self-discovery work is not a process that takes a few days, and we want to give the coaches we train the time and space to do this. In addition, participants develop in a variety of learning formats: they work through several required readings, work with their own clients and participate in group exercises outside the training days. These activities have been designed to be feasible for the participants while working and raising a family.
This allows the length of the training to enable participants to process what they have learned in the training, to become aware of their own development path (this is expected in the form of keeping a learning diary), to gain practice and, in addition, to cope with everyday tasks.


GROW has been a registered adult education institution since 2014, offering training courses that are targeted at building or developing competences, but do not provide vocational qualifications or diplomas. According to Act CCIV of 2011 and Act XXXIII of 2020 amending certain related acts, which will enter into force on 31 July 2020, the title “coach” can be used by anyone, regardless of whether they have a university degree or have completed any training.




Basic level: 4,5 training days
You can apply by sending your motivation essay.

Advanced level: 11 training days + 1 day supervision

A képzés helyszíne

Location: 1037 Budapest, Montevideo utca 3/a.
GROW training room

A tréning időpontja

The GROW coach training has been running for 10 years, several times a year (every 2-3 months).
Next basic group starts: end of May 2024 (Hungarian)
Next advanced coach training starts: May 2024, then September (Hungarian)

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Early bird discount for the foundation course: 10 Apr 2024.

Ask for our detailed program including the exact content and dates of the training! Contact: sandor.orsolya@grow-group.com

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