VIRTUAL OPERATION – EXPRESS DIAGNOSIS With the help of a rapid survey process developed by GROW, within one week we assess the human aspects of the organisation’s operational effectiveness and provide feedback on the current way of operation and its potential for improvement, and we provide tailored suggestions. Complete organizational units

Teams, key people intensively exposed to virtual operation

EFFECTIVE HOME OFFICE  Working from home requires special awareness, greater ownership and discipline.

In addition to tips and tricks, the training also helps participants to find solutions fitting the best to their circumstances with workshop methods.



LEADING VIRTUAL TEAMS Training enables leaders to create a framework for effective collaboration in virtual space and to support them to develop an effective, supportive workplace atmosphere and network. Leaders
EFFECTIVE VIRTUAL MEETINGS – VIRTUAL FACILITATION Effective discussions require careful preparation and follow-up. However there are many other challenges in the online space. During the training, participants learn about the basics that can make an online meeting successful and practice conscious handling of group dynamics. Heads of departments, project managers, team leaders who lead virtual meetings
EFFECTIVE VIRTUAL COLLABORATION – WORKSHOP The way the team operates changes significantly as it moves to virtual space. Besides learning the basics of virtual collaboration, the team will work together to develop a successful framework for themselves. Cooperating teams and their leaders
TEAMCOACHING IN THE ONLINE SPACE Virtual teams have little opportunities for  informal connection besides operational / business-focused online meetings. During the sessions, the experience of togetherness is strengthened by sharing individual experiences in groups, jointly defining goals and tasks tailored to the new situation. Collaborative leadership, staff and project teams
KNOWLEDGE SHARING ONLINE – KEEPING OUR COLLEAGUES UP TO DATE IN AN EVER-CHANGING ENVIRONMENT One of the keys to successfully overcome the current period is how quickly and efficiently we can equip ourselves and our colleagues with the new and up-to-date knowledge elements we need. During the workshop, we will develop new channels and tools to keep our knowledge up-to-date in a constantly changing environment. Business leaders,

HR experts, Project management leaders, Organizations and teams operating in knowledge- intensive industries

CHANGEOVER – MIGRATION OF RUNNING PROJECTS TO VIRTUAL SPACE The purpose of the training is to support project managers with a personalized and project-specific toolkit to manage their projects in the virtual space in the most efficient way possible. Project leaders
BRIDGETRAINING – CROSS-GENERATION COLLABORATION Differences due to different worldviews, attitudes, values and preferences of generations may worsen in times of crisis. Our training provides support for solving the difficulties coming from the challenges of collaboration and leadership and also theoretical knowledge and practical skills development. Leaders at the top of teams with generational differences

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