1 or 2 days
Target group

The program helps participants to understand the regularities of changes.

The purpose of the program is to prepare leaders to be able to start and successfully lead change processes and to manage any resistance within the group. Participants get acquainted with GROW’s model for developing change management, which support employees and the organization not only to accept change, but to experience and evaluate it positively. With GROW’s change management method, the uncertainty factor can be reduced and
employees will remain motivated in long term.


Változáskezelés, érzékenyítés

The topics of the program:

  • GROW Change Management GPS Model
  • The psychology of change
  • The characteristics of change and stages of the change curve – support of staff
  • Dynamics of change: resistance management
  • The Role of communication in the change process – story rules

As a result of the program, participants:

  • understand and manage the individual and group dynamics in the background of change, understand collegues’ reactions
  • will be able to recognize the difficult situations in advance and prepare for managing them
  • have toolkit to reinforce and transform their own change management role
  • have ready answers, plans for more effective management of their own initiatives, projects and organizational changes
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