1 or 2 days
Target group
Leaders, collauges

The purpose of the training is to strengthen the provider’s attitudes and to acquire an effective communication style that fits into different customer types. Participants acqiure the customer experience concept (Why? What does customer experience mean?) and are able to provide high quality service.

The program focuses on exploring customer needs, expectations, and communication
models for better, more valuable customer relationship is being created. It teaches participants what the quality and professional service is about.


Ügyfélélmény és ügyfélkommunikáció

The topics of the program:

  • What does it mean to provide? What does the customer experience shape? – Key to maintaining high service quality
  • Quality of service: the effect of hard and soft elements
  • Customer Relationship Examples (TA basics) – Recognizing client types, Understanding customer needs
  • Trust building and communication with different client types, quality of interfaces
  • Assertiveness – strategies for dealing with difficult situations


As a result of the program, participants:

  • understand and accept the importance of their own state and attitude to customer satisfaction
  • recognize techniques that can positively influence their current status
  • will be able to keep themselves motivated, even in difficult customer conversations
  • understand the role and importance of customer feedback
  • turn to their customers with greater confidence
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