2 days
Target group
Leaders characterized by generational differences

Generation gap is increasingly challenging in inter-company cooperation. 

Differences arising from different worldview, life view, value- and preference scale appear in workplace communities, motivation, loyalty, in communication strategy and collaboration. Our training provides support for solving cooperation and leadership challenges arising from these differences through the development of theoretical knowledge and practical skills.


Bridge tréning – Cross-Generation

The topics of the program:

  • Different point of view – a different approach
  • Theory of communication between cultures and generations
  • Finding the difference between reasons
  • Understanding your motivation and behavior to the next generation
  • Communication styles and conflict management
  • Leadership strategy, leadership style, leadership toolkit
  • Different generations, different leadership challenges
  • Toolkit and dictionary for new generations
  • Bridging generation differences in value creation project
  • Situational exercises


As a result of the program, participants:

  • understand the differences that characterize different generations
  • get a picture of generational career ideas, workplace needs preferences
  • have tools to develop communication strategies between their generations
  • will be supported to develop leadership style, strategy and toolkit adapted to each generation
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